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One of the most frequently asked question when it comes to children dentistry is- When does my child need to see a dentist?

For new parents, this can be hard to gauge and more often assumed that kids don’t need to see a dentist till they have a full set of teeth.  The general consensus in modern dentistry is that the earlier you start dental care the better it is for healthy teeth for life. Reason behind is that when it comes to dental check up it is more than about teeth- lips, gums and inside of the mouth are all part of the preventative check denist will perform.

Teeth like other developemental milestones can appear at different pace depending on the child. Generally speaking it is time for your little one to pop in and see the dentist for the first visit at 12 month of age or when their first tooth appears. There is a range of topics to discuss before they have a full set of teeth and is a good time for any concerns or questions you may have

Children Dentistry - Preston Smiles

At preston smiles, we understand it’s an anxious time for parents as well as little ones to visit the dentist. We offer a range of tools and techniques to relax parents and children at all ages. The staffs from reception to treatment rooms are experienced in children dentistry and provide a calming and relaxing area for families. The open space allows families to sit around comfortably and is pram friendly. We offer entertainments such as cartoons, stories, toys and books- these are tools that help children relate to what is involved in an examination and familiarise them with the tools and doctor they are about to see.

A range of topics will be discussed during their first examinations such as

how to relieve discomfort in teething?

brushing techniques?

tips on healthy nutrition for teeth

risk of tooth decay and ways to prevent it

biting and habits such as thumb sucking

We aim to build up a positive experience for dental check ups which is the building block in forming their dental health and habits for life and reinforces the idea that seeing a dentist is a friendly fearfree experience.

For further information, please contact or pop in to speak to one of our friendly staff at Preston Smiles!

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